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What is Golf betting? Things to know about  Jun88 Golf Betting

Golf Betting is one of the betting games that is quite new to many players today. However, for longtime bettors at Jun88 This is one of those bets that are no longer so strange. However, this is still one of the forms of betting that is unfamiliar to new players, so let’s learn about Golf Betting in this article.

What kind of betting game is Golf betting?

If you regularly follow sports, golf is surely one of the extremely interesting subjects you have ever heard of. Golf is usually associated with a club and ball with holes placed permanently on the field. Each current standard golf course will usually be designed from 9 to 18 holes.

To win, the player will need to hit all the holes on the field with the fewest number of hits. The match result will be calculated by considering the number of times the ball goes into the hole without slipping the ball out. The fewer points, the more wins.

Golf betting is one of the forms of online betting at  Jun88 net and bookmakers today. Players participating in this type of betting will choose the bet offered by the house. Basically, you will have to choose who will win in the end when the match ends.

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Golf rules that you need to know when participating in Golf Betting

One of the basic things that any player needs to know when participating Golf Betting Those are the rules of golf. Many people still believe that it is not necessary to know these factors when betting. However, to be able to fully understand the match situation, the game rules are extremely important. Therefore, let’s take a look at some important terms in golf rules as follows:

  • Tee box terminology: This is one of the terms used to refer to the score when the player has hit the first serve. Normally this location will be marked by two markers on both sides. This is one of the terms that indicates the player’s identification of the location where he will start serving the ball.
  • The term Fairway: As one of those who regularly follows sports, you are surely no longer unfamiliar with this term. This is one of the terms that refers to the way the ball rolls when the player hits.
  • Bunker terminology: Bunker, also known as sand tiger, is one of the terms to refer to sand pits on a golf course.
  • The term Rough: This is one of the terms used to refer to terrain that will have many obstacles during golf such as soil, rocks, grass, sand, etc. These are objects that will affect the ball’s ability to move.
  • The term Lake: In any golf course you will see lakes in the course, so Lake is the term used to refer to those lakes.
  • Green term: This is the term used to refer to grass growing areas that are considered one of the most special areas on a golf course. This is also where the player’s ball lines will end.

How to calculate golf betting scores today

Point Golf Betting At  Jun88 net will start counting from the moment the stick is delivered by the player until the ball enters all the holes on the field. How to calculate Golf Betting points will usually be divided into the following 3 cases:

  • If the score is less than 1 stroke or the player only needs 3 strokes to put the ball in the hole, the birdie level will be achieved and the score will now be -1.
  • If there are less than 2 strokes, the player will be in the eagle position and have a score of -2.
  • If it takes 5 strokes for the player to put the ball in the hole, he will score bogey and have a score of +1.

From the above scores, we will determine the final winner by adding up all the players’ scores when they have played all 18 holes. The player with the highest negative score will be the winner. From there we can determine the winner of the bet.

Things you should keep in mind when playing Golf Betting


Although Golf Betting has a fairly simple way to play, to be able to ensure the highest win you need to comply with the following points:

This should not be done only during a golf match

The first thing you need to keep in mind when playing Golf Betting That’s no mid-game adjustment. Golf matches often take place over a long period of time, which is why many players, when watching and seeing the person they bet on have a poor score, often begin to get emotional and adjust their bets. This will make it easy for you to lose the opportunity to win big rewards.

Always maintain a stable mentality when playing Golf Betting

Regardless of any betting game, psychology is still one of the important factors that help players win. Therefore, you must always have a strong mentality when participating in Golf Betting betting, and do not worry too much when the results start to change for the worse.


Recently we learned together about Golf Betting, one of the quite new and attractive types of betting today. Especially when participating Golf Betting At trang chủ jun88 net you will receive many attractive offers. So please participate in Golf Betting to win valuable gifts.

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