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Addressing a Cockroach Infestation in the Bedroom: Why You Need Professional Assistance 

Cockroaches are never welcome in any homes. Spotting them in your bedroom is quite unpleasant and makes it hard for you to sleep until the issue is addressed. To eliminate a roach issue, contact a pest control team as soon as possible. Read on to know what steps you can take after seeing roaches in your bedroom:

Why are Cockroaches in Your Bedroom?

Often cockroaches are drawn to areas of a house where food, warmth, water, and shelter are available. These areas usually include the bathroom and kitchen. A bedroom with a bathroom can also attract roaches, so they can be found in your sleeping area. This can also happen if your bedroom is located next to a dining area or kitchen. Things such as food and crumbs, damp or dirty clothing, clutter, and food residue can attract these pests to your bedroom. Also, because roaches enter through the air vents or exterior of your house, dark, warm places can offer them direct access to your bedroom. 

Will Roaches Get in the Bed?

While roaches do not usually live in the bed or mattress, they can hide inside the frame or headboard of your board and even in the dresser or nightstand. Also, roaches may be found under the bed. Since these pests are nocturnal, they usually creep out of where they hide at night to find food. spotting them crawling across your bed is not unusual if they have made your bedroom or bathroom their home. 

Kind of Roaches

The following are the most common species of roaches that infest homes:

  • German roaches. These roaches are light brown and can grow to around 0.5 inches. While they have wings, they do not usually fly. 
  • American roaches. These roaches are the biggest species available as they can grow to about 2 1/8 inches. These reddish-brown roaches have a yellow band that outlines the back of their heads. 
  • Oriental roaches. These shiny black cockroaches are around one inch long. They thrive in damp environments, so they can be found in bathrooms crawl spaces, and basements. 

If you notice a small cockroach in your bedroom, this could be a German baby roach or a nymph. Seeing it anywhere in your house can indicate an active roach infestation that requires professional intervention. 

Are Roaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches carry different bacteria and diseases. They can also trigger asthma and allergens in some people. Such pests can spread diseases through their droppings while they navigate spaces. They can be drawn to food-related appliances such as coffeemaker or utensils. You might touch, eat, or drink from contaminated sources, which can spread viruses like salmonella. 

Eliminating Roache from Your Bedroom

Spotting even one roach in your bedroom often means a lot more of them might be nesting in your house. To effectively eliminate these pests from your bedroom or other areas in your house, contact a pest exterminator. Roaches are quite resourceful and hard to eliminate from an environment. Only experts know exactly how to handle a roach infestation.

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