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What is soccer betting? Types of online soccer bets today

Types soccer bets Currently quite diverse and attractive. Brothers when playing online soccer betting at Nhà cái New88 You can choose from many different types of bets to play. Today, let’s learn about all the available bets at this house.

What is soccer betting?

Soccer betting is the term used when you play soccer betting games at bookmakers. These odds are used to refer to the win-loss ratio of teams. Each different bookmaker will have different odds. However, usually bookmakers will have some common odds with the same rate such as Asian odds, European odds, over/under odds,…

Soccer bets are an extremely important factor in matches. You can rely on these odds to conduct football betting. And moreover, these odds are offered to help users have a more accurate view of the matches. You need to carefully study these odds to make the correct decisions when placing bets.

Therefore, when playing online soccer betting at bookmakers, you need to learn carefully about these odds so that you can more easily follow and place bets. Accurate reading and understanding of the new odds can help you get a better overview.

Learn about the types of soccer bets today

In today’s betting market, there are many diverse and attractive types of bets. You can learn about the following types of bets:

Asian Handicap

This is a familiar type of bet for those who are passionate about betting sport. Asian handicap is a long-standing type of handicap originating from Asia. With this type of bet, you can choose to bet on the upper or lower bet. You cannot choose a tie.

When bookmakers make this bet, the team that is rated stronger will accept the weaker team with the number of goals depending on the strength of each team. This handicap is intended to help make the game more balanced, and users will have the opportunity to predict a fairer outcome. You can see this bet right at the bookmaker New88.

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European Odds

European handicap is also known by another name: 1×2 win/draw/loss bet. Of course, as the name suggests, this bet originates from Europe. This is a type of bet used to evaluate which team is weaker or stronger. And this is also a popular type of bet available in most large and small bookmakers today, including sport New88.

Over/under odds

True to its name, with this bet you choose to bet over or under based on the total number of goals. In the sports section of New88 You can identify this bet based on the letter O/U. In each match the house will give the predicted number of goals. If you choose the higher number of goals, bet on over, otherwise bet on under.

Currently, many bookmakers have increased this betting option such as betting on over/under for the whole match, 1st half, 2nd half or even extra time depending on the progress of the match.

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Corner kick bet

In addition to the three popular bets above, corner kicks are also an attractive bet offered by online bookmakers. In this type of bet, you will predict the number of corners that will be taken in the match. You can choose to bet on each round or the whole match. This bet is divided into 2 small types: total corner bets and corner kick handicaps to help users have more choices when playing.

Bet on penalty cards

With this type of bet, you need to predict the number of yellow or red cards that will occur during the match. You can choose to bet on each half or the whole match. In this type of bet, you can bet on the total number of yellow or red cards over the total number of cards. Many options will be chosen by the house New88 given to increase the appeal of this game.

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Kick off bet

This soccer bet is not very popular. However, many bookmakers still serve users to increase the variety of games. With this bet, players will predict which team will have the right to kick first. This is a type of bet that is based on chance, so you should just play a little for fun.

Above is detailed information about these soccer bets Currently at Sports New88 in particular as well as at other bookmakers in general. You can learn to know clearly about these types of bets before betting on your favorite matches. Wish you all the best of luck  New88 and have many opportunities to win with your passion.

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