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Top 5 Best and Most Popular Indonesian Comedy Movies of All Time

Tolerating you are searching for undoubtedly the most famous and best Indonesian motion pictures ever, then, at that point, you should watch the movies that I have alluded to here. These motion pictures are extraordinary and have a great storyline nearby notable entertainers and courses.

Best Indonesian Comedy Movies

These are the best Indonesian Comedy films:

1. ManaTahan

Indonesian residents typically view Warkop DKI parody bunch as the ruler of satire with numerous parody films they star is prepared to make you burst out giggling constant, including perhaps their best film called ManaTahan.

Delivered in 1979, this celebrity the absolute best entertainers and entertainers of its period like ElviSukaesih, Rahayu Effendi, Edi Gombloh, and the triplet Warkop DKI joke artists Dono, Kasino, and Indro as they play in a film that recounts the tale of Slamet, Paijo, Poltak and Sarwani who all live in one motel and direct a few unusual tricks together. During its debut, ManaTahaaan figured out how to draw in up to 400,816 crowds which, around then, was an incredible number.

2. Samson Betawi

Delivered in 1975, Samson Betawi is genuinely something awe-inspiring as the film portrays Samson, played by entertainer Benyamin who goes from his old town neighborhood to a significant city and develops into a decent, better man than who he utilized being.

Samson Betawi portrays Samson’s experience in the large city as he encounters a few amusing things which he believes are exceptionally odd. The film, for reasons unknown, tells the crowds that Samson’s most significant shortcoming is his shaved armpits.

3. My Stupid Boss

Given the novel with a similar name, My Stupid Boss is additionally one of the most incredible Indonesian parody films about Bossman (Reza Rahadian), who has a clever and engaging relationship with his representative named Kerani (Bunga Citra Lestari).

Film chief Upi figures out how to catch the silly embodiments of Bossman’s legitimate rulership and trickeries with her engaging content and discourse as well as the splendid presentation of the stars.

4. CekTokoSebelah

Coordinated by Ernest Prakasa, CekTokoSebelah tells the battle of a just returned home youngster to his old neighborhood to assume control over his dad’s store after going abroad for his review.

While there is a conspicuous moral to gain from the hero’s disappointments in his excursion, the actual story is very light for specific diverting discussions between the projects, making it a moment suggestion for enthusiasts of light satire motion pictures.

5. Koala Kumal

Koala Kumal is a romantic tale about a standup entertainer named RadityaDika who caught his sweetheart, played by AchaSeptriasa, undermining him and observes comfort in a lady called Trisna.

Albeit the reason probably won’t cause it to appear to be a satire film, RadityaDika’s insight as a standup jokester figures out how to saturate the film with its light discourse and numerous entertaining trickeries he has available.


These are the most remarkable and best Indonesian satire motion pictures that you should watch. These are the best movies that will truly alert you.

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