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Jun88 and special incentive policies for agents

Jun88 Not only is it a place to bring players quality entertainment products with top-notch service, but it also accompanies agents through attractive policies and discounts. Therefore, the agency system has attracted a large number of partners in the market. Let’s Jun88 Explore this in detail.

Criteria for agents at jun88

To become an agent, players need to comply with some important criteria required by the agency. This includes:

Jun88’s agent selection criteria

  • Age: All subjects who want to become agents at Jun88 Must be of age, 18 years or older.
  • Own a social networking site: To provide information and support to players, agents need to own at least one website, blog or social networking site with good interaction.
  • Understanding how the agent operates: Agents need to clearly understand how the agent operates, understand the agency’s policies and commission system.Jun88. This helps them reach customers easily and convey information from the house to members effectively. A big advantage is having experience as an agent to grasp all aspects of the job.

Top 4 great preferential policies for Jun88 agents

When you decide to become an agent, you will enjoy a series of significant benefits:

download 4

Preferential policy exclusively for Jun88 agents

High business discount level

Jun88 Apply high commission discounts to agents at different levels, ensuring the ability to make good profits. For example:

  • If the player’s total loss is less than 2 billion VND in a month, the agent will be paid about 45% commission.
  • If the total loss is less than 5 billion, the agent will receive 50% commission.
  • Under 10 billion, agents receive 55% commission.
  • Over 10 billion in a month, the agent receives a 60% commission.

Connect relationships

Jun88 has an agent systemwinter island, creating opportunities for you to build relationships with people who have the same ideals and passion for getting rich. This helps you learn skills to attract players and develop your business more effectively.

Many other offers

Besides business discounts, agents also enjoy many attractive promotions and valuable gifts. Especially, on special occasions such as holidays or birthdays, Jun88 Give gifts to show care and respect for the agent.

Image building

Being an agent provides the opportunity to build your personal image and brand. You can get support and guidance from our experts Jun88, especially if you are new. The bookmaker offers quick outreach programs to attract potential customers. You also have the opportunity to participate in marketing programs to improve your ability to attract customers in the first stages.

Instructions on the process of becoming a Jun88 agent

Become a dealer now Jun88 can be done easily with some basic steps. Specifically:

download 3

Registration process to become an agent of Jun88

Implementation steps

After learning about the policies and benefits for agents and you decide to become a distributor, take the following steps to register:

  • Step 1: Start by logging in to the official website Jun88. Then, access the ‘Agents’ section.
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Register as an Agent’ option and provide the necessary information as follows:
    • Full name: Please fill in your full name according to your citizen identification card or bank card.
    • Phone number: Provide the exact phone number that you often use and is linked to the bank.
    • Email: Use the email you regularly use to sign up.
    • Username: Use names written without accents.
    • Password: Prioritize using a password that has both letters and numbers.
  • Step 3: Confirm registration information by clicking ‘I Agree’ after you have checked and ensured the information entered is correct.
  • Step 4: Get identity verification from Jun88: After the dealer has received your registration information, they will contact you through the information you provided.

Note when registering to become a Jun88 agent

Once you have ensured that you have fully complied with the bookmaker’s requirements, you will receive a successful approval. And becoming an agent at the bookmaker Jun88 It’s also simple with just a few basic steps.

After completing all 4 registration steps, staff will contact you to confirm the information and automatically activate the agent account opening for you. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team Jun88.

Above, we have provided some basic information about the registration process and becoming an agent at Hopefully through these shares, you will quickly grasp the basic information to register to become an agent and enjoy huge commissions!

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