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Iron Spur Cockfighting – Attractive Entertainment for You to Experience

Cockfighting with iron spurs is a unique entertainment category, a top hit today. When participating, if a newbie analyzes, evaluates and predicts cockfights accurately, he will have the opportunity to conquer many rewards and great wins. The following article by công ty okvip casino will reveal the secret to top betting for new recruits.

Learn about spur cockfighting for newbies

Cockfighting with iron spurs is an extremely attractive form of entertainment, opening up a dramatic, irresistible fight between two fighting cocks. Before going onto the field, the chickens will be strictly selected, ensuring the same weight, same breed and equipped with additional iron spurs to increase their lethality.

Not only that, form gamechicken It also reflects the level and professional skills of the cocks when entering the arena. In particular, through their sharp iron spurs, they can quickly destroy their opponents after just a few simple kicks. Thanks to that, the competition will become bloody, attractive and attract viewers.

Each cockfighting match takes place quickly and dramatically, attracting the attention of many experienced players. Currently, the arenas will be equipped with round iron spurs or knife spurs for the cocks to show off their talents, destroy opponents and create bloody competitions.

The most accurate rules of cockfighting with iron spurs for you

Cockfighting with iron spurs is an irresistible dramatic entertainment, bringing fiery, fierce matches to you. Before placing money, new players should carefully study the game rules and the following basic rules.

Regulations on competition time in spur cockfighting

Tournaments cockfighting with iron spurs Professionals are subject to strict time frames. In each competition there will be no limit to the number of rounds and each round will take place within 15 minutes. There will be 5 minutes of rest between cock fights to refuel, grab prey, or recover.

Regulations for selecting professional fighting cocks

To qualify for professional competition, cocks must be of the same rank, same breed, same weight… before being paired together. Physical condition, size, appearance… are also basic criteria that the referee focuses on. Thanks to that, the fight will ensure fairness, without too much disparity.

How to determine victory or defeat in iron spur cockfighting

The organizers and referees will clearly determine winners and losers to ensure fairness and transparency in the match. As follows:

  • The match ends when a cock cannot participate in the match or dies right on the field. 
  • In some cases, the fighting cock continuously runs away, avoids or is afraid of the opponent, does not attack… it is also considered a loss.
  • Both cocks run away and do not continue to attack the opponent. The referee will decide a draw. 

Revealing highly effective iron spur cockfighting betting experience

Cockfighting with iron spurs is a hot form of entertainment, creating unforgettable emotions and fascinating experiences. To place bets and conquer large prize money, you need to cultivate the following tips.

Choose a reputable website

To bet on cockfighting effectively, you should choose a reputable and safe website. Quality platforms will have experts to support betting and quickly update pre-match information. Therefore, players can feel secure when betting and avoid fraud.

Learn carefully the rules of the game

Before participating in cockfighting, you should carefully learn the rules of the game and the main forms of betting including: Meron, Wala and BDD. Each way to enter money will have a different reward rate, creating opportunities for new recruits to conquer many gifts in their pockets. Therefore, bettors should choose correctly and bet correctly to have a chance to receive the desired reward.
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Learn about the history of competition and information about fighting cocks

Before placing a bet, you should learn about the competition history and information about the fighting cocks. The data, frequency of participating in fights, winning and losing results, rankings, attack tactics… will help new recruits evaluate more carefully and accurately about fighting cocks. Thanks to that, you will definitely make accurate predictions for the upcoming match.

Into pre-science

Please plan your money investment scientifically and reasonably when participating cockfighting with iron spurs. If you know how to manage your capital, you will avoid losses, risks or losing too much during the match. Rookies need to wisely invest money in each appropriate match to receive the desired reward and get rich in their hands.


Cockfighting with iron spurs brings great attraction, opening up passionate and bloody matches for viewers. Hopefully with the information shared by Okvip above, you have grasped the secret to effective, accurate cockfighting and getting rich easily within your reach.

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